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Top ten rewatchable music videos on youtube

Do you like waffles – Perry Grip Pork and Beans – Weezer Glorious Dawn – Symphony of Science Frontier Psychiatrist – The Avalanches Oxford Comma – Vampire Weekend How to be alone One – Metallica (first heavy metal band to reach #1 on MTV in 90s) Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel Marry You – Bruno Mars […]

Why Fast So?

Why Fast So? Every year since living in a 98% Muslim country I’ve taken up the challenge of fasting for Ramadan. I’m not a Muslim, but I find great satisfaction in doing daily (or often just 2/3rd of a day) what a billion people around the world do for 28 days. (Technically: 1.57 billion Muslims […]

Transforming the culture inside non-profits

I believe do-good organizations run on the stuff they call “good culture” and we should all strive to create a creative, inspiring, fun environment for solving the world’s problems. 2 minutes ago · Like A recent FastCompany article ( highlighted how an outstanding environment inside a company makes it more successful than great strategic planning. The same applies […]

Water: the miracle drug

Lately back pain has shocked my body awake every morning around 5am. I didn’t have any pulled muscles, and I’d been doing yoga and abdominal exercises to keep my back strong, so this pain was inexplicable. I almost took aspirin, but decided against it. About an hour later each morning, the nearly debilitating back pain […]

The Real Greg Mortenson

Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, appears to have a problem with exaggerating. In an interview on Charlie Rose, he said he built 11 schools in a part of Pakistan when he had only built three. This 60 minutes investigation shows that some of his most emotionally compelling stories in Three Cups of […]

Helping Matungu Community Development Charity (MCDC) in the final stretch

Meet Vincent Atitwa. Vincent has been trying to get his organization on GlobalGiving since 2008. He has been in 5 or 6 open challenges, and often times I was convinced he was never going to make it. Most people lack his stubborn determination. Why join an online fundraising network that requires you to already have […]

Trust is more valuable than money: Online fundrasing strategy tips for nacsent organizations

So far, I’ve talked to over 200 organizations in 2011 about joining globalgiving. Most of these organizations are small, nascent, emerging community based operations. Many of them don’t seem to understand why they can’t get a single donation in the globalgiving open challenge. Here’s why. Ask yourself: How many people (besides yourself) are directly involved […]

SWIM brings water to Kenyans

Heather, Britt, Zip, and I visited villages that Shallow Wells International Management (SWIM) serves in the arid region around Mount Kenya. SWIM helps local people dig wells. Professional well drilling can cost a farmer $20,000, and there is no guarantee of finding water. SWIM provides training and divining (the act of detecting the best places […]

Serving street kids and orphans

In the past week Britt and I visited two excellent programs that help kids in different ways. St. Vincent de Paul Community Development Organization The St. Vincent de Paul Community Development Organization runs a school in Kibera slum in Nairobi, where most people are unemployed and family life is unstable for a variety of reasons. […]

Clustering Story actions with Magoso staff

On Friday (Jan 28th, 2011) I visited the Mashimoni Good Samaritan School for the Orphans, known to locals as Magoso primary school. It is in Mashimoni village, part of Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, Earth: The school is packed into an area with wall to wall houses and no streets. They seem to do a […]


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