Sopranos guy filming documentary in Kenya, Eco-summit to follow

Stacy Harris works with the Africa Conseration Trust. Turk Pipkin was one of the actors on the Sopranos (HBO) and is shooting a documentary of their project. Here is his latest letter:

Dear Marc:

We had a great two days with Turk Pipkin and his staff. They visited Magadi for 2 days and had a blast. Hi coworkers daugher visited and stated, “This is the greatest day of my life” They were very impressed and are commited to helping us in anyway possible. It was truely a fantastic visit for our organization.

Turk says he will put together a 4 minute film on our project. He got tremendous video, including interviews with 3 of our Masai women workers. This in unheard of as Masai women firstly, do not work, and secondly, it is extremely difficult to get them to talk. He got great wildlife and tree footage so I am confident he will give you an awesome product. He wants you to get in touch with him to confirm all the details. He will be back in the USA of Thursday. We are attending the premiere of his film here in Nairobi on Tuesday, then he flies home the next day.

Turk is also interested in participating in the event. This is a possible marketing opportunity for GlobalGiving as his name carries weight in the environment world. Also, he is willing to do a film premier in DC. He will have premiers in NY and LA in September. If we can coordinate for his premier to occur after the LA and NY premier we will have built in publicity.

He was so impressed he is going to do a half hour documentary on our project for the Discovery Channel. He is doing a project for Discovery at the moment and will come back to visit our project in November to do a full documentary on our Masai program. So we have to thank Global Giving because without you, we would have never met Turk.

Thanks for everything.


Stay tuned for more on our Washington eco-summit, where environmental leaders in grassroots organizations from around the world will get to speak.

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