New word needed

new word for bad synergy

Beautiful spoken English starts with coining new words that connote exactly what you mean. This week I’ve latched onto “dysnergy.” If synergy means “everything coming together for exponential benefit, dysnergy means multiple effects combining in a way to augment the collapse.

Imagine overfishing. Go ahead. Now, imagine how mass extinction results from a combination of just a little too much overfishing all over the globe, combined with ocean pH changes that kill plantkon and promote red tides. That’s dysnergy.

Go ahead, use it.

2 thoughts on “New word needed

  1. Dear Sir

    Please forgive me emailing you in such a seemingly cold fashion. I wondered if you might like a mutual link to both my Foreign word site and my English word website or press release details of my ensuing book with Penguin Press on amusing and interesting English vocabulary?

    with best wishes

    Adam Jacot de Boinod

    (author of The Meaning of Tingo)

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