Anti healthcare reform protest (912dc) not real-time enough

I live near in Washington, DC. I play Ultimate Frisbee on the national mall at the foot of the capitol every Saturday afternoon. So I actually care how big the protest crowd is for #912dc , the twitter tagged anti-Obama anti-healthcare reform anti-tax group . I don’t wanna bike over there if we don’t have space to play.

So where are all the twit pics for this “big” protest? Proponents tweet crowdsizes of 1.2 million people and 1.5 million, but looking at C-SPAN, the crowd looks far less than the 1.5-2 million that actually came out for inauguration. There are maybe 100,000 on camera.

Unfortunately, C-SPAN won’t provide an overhead shot and there are no webcams pointing at the most interesting acre of real-estate in the United States. Why is that?

Sure there’s privacy concerns about webcaming the national mall, but anyone protesting is trying to get noticed. I would think they are the least deserving of informed filming under these circumstances. Then there are the anarchists, who want to get noticed but don’t want to get recorded. They’re a walking potpourri of contradictions.

#newword of the day: blinkanoia
n. A worldview warped by noticing every instance of a particular phenomenon once one starts to look for it. This obsession therefore leads one believe erroneously that the phenomenon is widespread.

See also: frequency illusion

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