MP3s from Slim Pickins

Slim Pickins – monster jam (2003) in D, Opus 1. Includes Impressions (a jazz standard, done rock style), Another Brick in the Wall, part 2 – and Black Magic Woman.

Slim Pickins – monster jam in E (poorer sound quality) Opus 2. Includes Helter Skelter and Summertime Blues

Slim Pickins – Cash in your V-card (studio version)

V-card is definitely the one song that got the most radio aidplay. It’s a silly party song. People like that.

Slim Pickins – The Fish

Pretty fun song by Brandt. Don’t ask me to explain the lyrics.

Slim Pickins – Bread

My song. Never got it recorded to my liking. This is the a live version that was okay, but not good sound quality.

Slim Pickins – Waste of an Evening / Feast or Famine

Pretty good jam, with lyrics, and some improv.

Slim Pickins – Impressions

My all-time favorite improvised rock rendition of John Coltrane’s classic, Impressions. We did it better! My 2nd favorite jam was Allman Brothers’ Elizabeth Reed.

3 thoughts on “MP3s from Slim Pickins

  1. Hey Marc, so I’m here doing math for a couple of years in Austria when I got an itching for some good ol’ Slim P – but the mp3s don’t seem to be there! where did they go?

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