A Glorious Dawn has gone viral

This video is awesome. But it is also meta-interesting, since it seems to be going viral.

Robert wrote, “I’m at big bear cafe in bloomingdale, and guess what song is on – you guessed it – hilarious!”

When coffeehouses start playing auto-tuned carl sagan astronomy lessons, you’ve been hit by the zeitgiest. Everyone’s looking for ‘it’ and ‘it’ is what you’ve found, well sorta.

We don’t really have good words in english to explain trends, cultural drift, fashion, and new esoterica that become for a moment the center of everyone’s attention. But I am fascinated by that. I imagine a stock market index of culture, with ideas moving up and down. Occasionally one stock goes off the charts and we all see it, but to each of us, we don’t recognize how big it has to be for everyone to notice at once.

Of course few things go global. America is just 5% of the people on this planet, and our own culture reflects that bias. IF all 5% know about something, then “everyone” knows – even if 95% don’t know and don’t care.

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