NaNoWriMo – week one update

This doesn’t count as writing my novel, but I think it helps to write about how my writing is going.

Nano week one:

Managed to pull out 10,000 words. Most won’t make it into the final version, but still helpful to fill in the side stories. Writing is about getting the whole story down. Editing is about cutting out everything that isn’t essential to telling one stories. There are always sequels for what is good, but not essential.

Current dilemmas:

There is a named antagonist, but I can’t think of ways to show that he is really as bad as he needs to be. In a battle of good and evil, evil needs to look, well, EVIL. If evil doesn’t look that bad, then the reasons why better be crystal clear later on.

What are some really evil things in human history that would work well to show that an entire race of deamons are really that bad for humanity? Wars? Murders? These don’t fit my style. I don’t like writing about evil death, only good death. Good death is stuff like the “necropologist” character who studies the lives of the dead living underground. Death in the Thanatopsis sense. But evil needs to do bad things to keep it’s title.

Other forms of evil? Maybe enslaving a group of people would be easier to write about. Maybe mental slavery – easier to show but harder to demonstrate as evil with visceral fortitude. When steven king shows a man beating a dog to death to open his book, “The Dead Zone,” he establishes that character as evil right away. Maybe wanton cruelty, apathy to suffering, and callous indifference are ways to show evil. These are interesting, because you can map them to leaders in the “civilized” world quite well, and yet I would not set out to show that any of them are evil. But well, fiction is a pack of lies in search of the truth, and if there is where the story leads, I follow it.

So any ideas on ways to show evil characters as being evil?

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