Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson gave

Whoa. A surreal moment. Never thought I’d stumble onto a GlobalGiving project and see Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson among the top donors. I guess it deconstructs the algorithm here – largest donors appear at the front.

This project is:

1000 Voices for Hope – Building Mahiga Hope High

posted by Turk Pipkin, who I think was an actor on the Sopranos. He also visited the Africa Conservation Trust in Kenya in 2009 and did a documentary about the wonderful reforestation / reef preservation work they are doing.

But the biggest news of the day is that I won my NaNoWriMo for 2009!

One thought on “Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson gave

  1. Thanks for the good words and for the donation to “1000 Voices for Hope”, Willie Nelson led choir that’s helping build Mahiga Hope High School in Kenya. As far as I know, Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett’s pics rotate randomly with photos of other donors – your pic is currently right in front of Willie’s. Joe Ely and Jimmie Gilmore came to our Austin theatrical premiere last night, two more great singers who are going to join the choir.

    The school project stems from our new feature doc, One Peace at a Time, which looks at the possibility of providing basic rights – including water and education – to every child. Check out the trailer at

    As for the Playpump story, an equally large problem is expenset – for the cost of one playpump we funded three of our wells with handpumps in Ethiopia and I have great footage of the local women’s maintenance committee breaking a hand pump down and reassembling to demonstrate their abilities. We also just completed a community water system and women’s ag project with Africa Conservation Trust – submersible pump, solar panel and storage tank, no hand-pumping required. Most important thing – the water solution has to be tailored to the location.

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