Overrun by social media campaigns for your vote

Nathaniel Whittemore of Change.org writes:

“Is there actually any real demand for crowdsourced funding platforms?”

These include Kiva, GlobalGiving, America’s Giving Challenge (Case foundation), Betterplace, Pepsi Refresh, and even Change.org itself from the idea-crowdsourcing point of view. Nathaniel succinctly summarizes the situation like so:

“What about GlobalGiving? GlobalGiving allows people to support development projects of many different types, and allows the same sort of “direct to beneficiary” relationship between the donor and the project that people love about Kiva. It is a successful platform, but it seems to me that — just like Kiva — its central challenge has been figuring out how to manufacture demand among donors. What they’ve learned is that just putting your project on the site is not enough. People don’t sit around waiting to give. It takes active donor cultivation, and more than anything, GlobalGiving is a platform where a project can establish legitimacy to dig deeper into its own community of dollars.”

“New efforts can try and outsource this role to the companies or nonprofits raising money, but I sense a growing fatigue among donors in the nonprofit sector who are repeatedly being asked to vote for and donate to nonprofits participating in competitions.”

I agree.

Actually, I think the deeper problem is the Internet is turning into mush. People are all shouting at strangers and there are so few real personal connections underlying these interactions. Donor fatigue is more generally a fatigue in supervicial relationships that are only FaceBook deep. It becomes a non-issue for people who have a strong, meaningful and longstanding connection to a group or place around the world.

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