Found love note on sidewalk in Adams Morgan

Typical story of un-re-requited love delivered on handwritten notebook paper and left on the sidewalk. Most likely from a woman to a man.
Without further ado…

“I’m not sure how to express the way I feel about you, or if you understand that I do, and maybe I’ve said this 1 million times in several different ways but I know I say we’ve been through alot but you that’s true. I hope you find in your heart hope for us to work it out and make all our wrongs right because i really have been thinking and i want to be with you.
I miss our good times when we hung out, had good convos on the phone, made love lol
And I wish that we will do much more (than go to your house and movies)
I know these things are lame and corny but i wanna watch the sunset w/ you and hike in rock creek park, and ride the trurls in Gtown [Georgetown].
I wanna spend the world w/ you but somethin’ always comes in the way
I know you think i’m childish but …[crossed out section: I try sometimes but I will try harder to be more serious. It’s just hard to be serious all the time. I’m all about happy and having the goodlife, which I want you to live with me.]
Will try my hardest to show that we will work out, as long as you follow along if you want this…

If not, then I guess I’ll try and understand. I’m not sure if you know how crazy I am about you. Maybe your right about, me not knowing all about love. But I know I feel knowing about love. But I know I feel sometime so strong and that it’s there.

You can show me how to love you.

I wish ther was a way to show you how much I wish things will work out and how much I love.

I really had to inject a lot of punctuation to make it readable. Only the slang apostrophes were in the original. As much as she’s pouring her heart out, I’m just saddened by how inarticulate she is. All cliches and vagueness, I’m not convinced she knows how to explain her feelings.

A friend asked me the other day how I knew it was a woman. I don’t, but the handwriting and the dreams of slow walks in the park (as well as going to the other person’s house for extra-curricular activities) implies woman to me.

The real reason I posted it is because it seems clear to me she doesn’t know what love is really like. So inarticulate. The next day I looked up “codependency” in wikipedia and the top line said, “This article has multiple issues.”

Heh. figures.

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