Map Kibera, GlobalGiving storytellers, and SMS updates.

Here is something I’m in Kenya helping to promote:

This is a community switchboard powered by a local short code (3002 in nairobi). But what people do with it is post and receive SMS updates on whatever topic interests them. Yesterday one NGO advertised their recycling project, another said they want to hire a teacher, and a third said they had a great young artist in their rescue center and they were asking if anyone else is running art programs. It is there to serve the community, and it is run by the community and NGOs that think talking to the community is valuable. Sometimes Pamoja FM broadcasts announcements from here too.

If a person sends a message about Kibera to the 3002 short SMS code, they can receive SMS messages back on any subject they choose. We’re not sure which topics people would most want to hear, so may they’ll get all of them from Kibera at first.

This is ICT4D to me.

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