Using technology and divers to monitor reefs in Taiwan – cool!

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I had another idea today for a “technology aided” innovation for non-profit efforts. Theft of library books is a major problem in Kenyan slums (like Kibera). What about putting a microchip in the binding like we put in pets, so that we can track down lost books in the neighborhood – and thereby put a stop of book thieves, making the libraries safe again for kids to use books.

2 thoughts on “Using technology and divers to monitor reefs in Taiwan – cool!

  1. Totally wouldn’t work. But, that is basically what they do at most librarys here in the states to keep them from walking out the front door without being checked out. Those tags have to be very close to the unit to ‘pick’ them up. The pet tags are like those we put in fish and are inactive themselves (they don’t send out a signal). You have to have a reader ‘activate’ them, which has to happen within less than three feet for much reading success. To be able to track the books down you’d need something more like radio tags (which actively ‘beep’ on their designated frequency). They’d cost more than the books.
    Interesting idea though. Book thieves… do they at least read them?

  2. Thanks Mari. I asked the same question myself, “do they read them?”

    The staffer at the organization setting up this library seemed to think most thieves were illiterate, and just stole books to be resold. Bummer that passive beacons in books are still too expensive. That seems like a little innocentive challenge could drive the cost of a passive homing book beacon down to 50 cents a book. And it’s just school books that get stolen.

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