How do we really access data and analytics?

This image from a survey I took asks a very good question. But the answer isn’t so simple. I mean, I’m an analytics guy and I couldn’t tell you how I would use the information this Water Organization would provide myself. There are four options:

1. Interactive Map – I love interactive maps. I build them myself.
2. Search Engine?
3. Spreadsheet/ Database style list of results and data in columns?
4. Activity Console
– Looks like a map with graphs of related information. I might call it a dashboard.

After thinking about it, I’d say my answer is really none of the above. I’d use any of these if I needed the information, but since my job isn’t about getting answers, but providing data for others to find answers, I wouldn’t use someone else’s data console. However, I would make much more use of this data if it was part of an open data repository and there was a way to import the map or the console or the list into my own website.

Maybe we should all be thinking about data interoperability more when we build our own website.

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