Use the GlobalGiving Donation Manager to connect with donors

Using the new donation manager to add context to your thank you emails

Welcome to the donation manager:


Let’s find out how you know Gareth using the web. Ken and Curt have GG profiles that make this a one-click operation, but Gareth doesn’t.

This person has no TRAFFIC source listed – so it is probably a word-of-mouth donation. You can find out how using the Internet.


Note that payment was in British pounds – so donation came from GG UK.

Look for a recent donor on the web – and what’ya’know, they exist!


Check out their Facebook profile, get to know them, friend them – THEN send your personalized thank you email!

Make friends. Introduce yourself as the person who runs the project Gareth just gave to. Finally, look at Gareth’s friends for people you know.


Often one of these friends is one of your friends. Then you can write something in the thank you email like, "Hi. Thanks for giving to my organization. I noticed that Chris Wilder is your friend on Facebook. I know him!"

Finally – bring it back to your project page on GlobalGiving – get your new friends to LIKE your project on Facebook/GG.


This cross-marketing is the key to building a community among your supporters.

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