Ushahidi’s future as geo-blogging platform

Listening to the news in Gaza this morning, I began to wonder if I am not alone in the way that I wished I could use ushahidi. I imagined being able to construct my own custom multi-layered map for each blog post – a map that shows in real-time both geo-tagged facts and geo-tagged commentary from the frontlines, from the people whose lives my blog post was about:

(1) Al-Jazeera’s Gaza crisis map:

(2) Bill Easterly‘s and Laura Freschi‘s “where does the aid money go?” map:

Imagine combining these two diagrams together into one map.

This kind of information is out there, but rather difficult to merge into one coherent map, and to do so “of the fly” for each blog post. We could be DJs mixing knowledge if ushahidi could serve as our geo-RSS turntables. This requires combining ushahidi’s incredible aggregating power with something like google fusion tables. Already there’s a staggering mountain of information out there, and only a few like and Edward Tufte are showing us the way to communicate ideas that connect the dots.

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