how to blog to wordpress from your kindle

i am always interested in technology that could make it easier to connect from remote places. so i’m trying out kindle and gmail via the experimental web browser right now. It’s fine for brief notes without punctuation.

HOW TO KINDLE BLOG (written from my kindle)

2. Experimental -> Browser
3. log into gmail (or any webmail)
4. sent to your “post by mail” account
5. it works!


Mark Waters notes  (helpfully) that will provide mobile-blogging if you have a web-enabled phone in Africa. shows a world map for the latest kindle (3rd generation) that sheds some light on where this would actually work:

2 thoughts on “how to blog to wordpress from your kindle

  1. Now that I’m logged onto the web from a computer – I can add some more thoughts. Why use a book reader to blog? Kindle 2 supports GPRS connectivity in addition to wi-fi, meaning that you can basically use it as a phone with a keyboard. This opens the possibility of actually blogging by phone without needing to have 3G or full web access. I’m not sure how this would work in Rural Zambia yet, but because of it’s low power and bandwidth needs, Kindle may work better than many other technologies.

    I would LOVE to use a full laptop that relies on ePaper for a screen instead of the power-hungry LCD screens. With a full keyboard, you would have all the power of a computer with only a 5-watt requirement and the ability to read it in bright sunlight – a big plus over any other laptops.

    Color is overrated.

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