Pakistan #Flood victims neglected by news media

It’s hardly news that any news reported in August will fall on deaf, vacation-bound ears. But I wanted to make a case that the microscopic news response to the massive flooding problems in Pakistan (20 million people affected) is even smaller that you can even imagine.

Earthquakes attract a boatload of attention, whereas floods don’t. Haiti’s death toll was high, exceeding 100,000 people. Pakistan’s flooding had 20 times the “life toll” of Haiti; 20 million peoples’ lives will remain disrupted without help.

The disparity is even larger if you compare Haiti Earthquake to Pakistan Flood. The best way to quantify the disparity is to look at 30 day news trends for both events indexed against the news item of the decade: Bin Laden.

Above: Pakistan Earthquake has a gradual increase in news coverage.

Above: Haiti Earthquake gets massive instant coverage, due to the nature of the disaster.

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