TYSA working in the community

My friend Guchuki Francis skyped me to asked for a statement. His organization – TYSA – just won a Millennium Development Goals award for doing the most to improve gender equality and empower women in Kenya. He wanted me to write something he could read on Saturday, since I visited there in April. Here is my statement:

GlobalGiving serves 1500 organizations working in over 100 countries. TYSA is special to me because they do so much with the blessings they have been given, and because they listen to their community in ways that help the world hear what is being said. GlobalGiving is honored to serve TYSA and through them, the people in Trans-Nzoia.

There is a proverb from the Tao te Ching that guides my own life: A wise Taoist once wrote, “Come to the people. Live among them. Learn from them. Work with what they have. Build on what they know. And when the work is done, THEY will say ‘we have done this ourselves.'” This community has earned this award by the work they have done, not anyone else. Don’t ever forget that you write the legends others will remember, and no one can build something better than you can with your own hands.

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