Broadband adoption in China, India, Africa: no contest

Akumai corporation, whom you probably never heard of unless you are in the business of denying denial of service (DOS) attacks against the world’s largest companies and websites, sit on top of some really interesting web traffic data, visualized elegantly on their site.

China is blowing away India in broadband adoption:

Africa lags far behind the world in high speed internet, and has no data hubs inside the continent at all:

More recently, I have thoroughly analyzed the real vs. advertised bandwidth for many ISPs operating in Nairobi, Kenya, including the cost of bandwidth for each:

3 thoughts on “Broadband adoption in China, India, Africa: no contest

  1. Africa is still very far from new innovations and technology more so Kenya,talk of simple materials like hand sawing needles,handkerchiefs,tooth picks,toys ans all sorts of plastics. we are still importing on daily basis,how about high speed internet,no even single hub yet.The Kenyan government is still talking of vision 2030 which is still a dream to achieve,Talk of millennium development goals of 2015 and we are behind by 6 years .Now imagine life in first world as compared to third world ,things are very different in teams of communication,innovations,creativity and even politics.something has to be now now or never.

  2. Hey, whazz up dude. Thanks 4 ur 2 cents…just checkin out the ISP rates in the green city. Good info that is current. Wanna get there and transform things. BTW speedtest, cnet and speakeasy have VERY diff speeds First said I had 22Mbps from comcast, cnet scale ends at 5Mbps and so I blew past it and the other speakesy said 9mbps. So go figure. Anyway, you keep on with your adventures in Kenya and spread the word on what you see.You never know your listeners may be the ones to save you from those lethargic speeds.
    Take care
    Mr Man.

  3. They ( and CNET’s speed tester) all APPEAR to have different results because they are testing the speed to different parts of the world from Kenya. I ALWAYS use the same baseline – which is how fast is the pipeline to Washington, DC ( is hosted there), but most people ought to compare speeds against San Fransisco (silicon valley and home of google, amazon, ebay, youtube, etc).

    It doesn’t matter if you have 100 mbps to Nairobi, if NONE of the pages you will be streaming from are hosted here. Google is beginning to mirror more of it’s content in Africa but less than 1% of the Internet can be accessed this way in 2011.

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