The Party to Keep Fear Alive

Announcing: The PARTY to KEEP FEAR ALIVE
Friday October 29th, 2010
7:00pm until 4:00am
Wear fearmongering attire (a costume).
Tell your friends.
Prepare to be judged.


Midnight: We will also do a parade down 18th street in Adams Morgan to show off our costumes to the drunks. (About 1 block away)

Costume contest x2: Wear  fearmongering attire. Either dress as the most hyped thing of the year, or the most truly scary thing we should all be afraid of. For example, I’m going as a mushroom cloud (with nuclear arms) and entering in the legitimate fear category. A friend is coming as the ground zero mosque and entering the hyped-fear category. Top three prizes for each category will be giftcards.

Signmaking pre-party: Come on time (7pm) and some of the Couchsurfing community are bringing materials for make signs for the rally to restore sanity and/or fear the next day.

Food and kegs provided! But we are accepting donations to a local charity. You can bring your own beverages if you wish as well. No drugs. Smoking is outside only.

The contest will be to capture the 2010 zeitgeist of fears that the our benevolent media has bestowed upon us, even though they may have nothing to do with reality, as our friends at have shown:

More examples of scared people:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Update (10-24-2010)

I am now the #1 google search result for “party to keep fear alive” on the planet! I just beat out the March to keep fear alive last night:

I also am the first non-march/rally related result on google for more general words, like party, fear, and alive:

I am very proud of this, considering I have only received 35 visitors to this blog post since the beginning. This shows I understand Search Engine Optimization and how to trick it:

How did I do this? A quick tip on search engine optimization

So google’s ranking algorithm does NOT check the how many people have actually visited the page before, as my wordpress statistics show. Instead, it looks at how many people have visited pages that link to my page. It also weighs heavily the root url of those linking sites, giving large aggregator sites that do networking and social media a huge advantage, such as,,, and Each of these sites represent thousands of insignificant pages that are on the whole a weighty pile of information and links.

The trick is that I posted my party on three meetup groups:

with a combined total of about 8000 nominal members (about 20% are real, active members). I also posted it to

Which reaches a couple thousand members more. So let’s say I spammed 10,000 people. I’m expecting 100 to attend, for a conversion of 1%. Hey. Washington is a big city. You can’t expect more than 1% of the people to come. But at least you can trick google into believing that 10,000 people are interested.

Below: printable flyer with address

3 thoughts on “The Party to Keep Fear Alive

  1. You are such a Google conquering geek! Please set up the webcam for those w/o teleport machines.

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