Kenya Internet Service Providers – who to trust?

About Bandwidth

If you’re in the USA, you don’t care about bandwidth much, because you have got plenty of it. As proof, the wikipedia entry on bandwidth leaves a gap where most Kenyans experience the Internet:

56 kbit/s Modem / Dialup
56-1500 kbit/s All Kenya Internet Falls here
1.5 Mbit/s ADSL Lite
1.544 Mbit/s T1/DS1
10 Mbit/s Ethernet
11 Mbit/s Wireless 802.11b
44.736 Mbit/s T3/DS3
54 Mbit/s Wireless 802.11g
100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet
155 Mbit/s OC3
600 Mbit/s Wireless 802.11n
622 Mbit/s OC12
1 Gbit/s Gigabit Ethernet
2.5 Gbit/s OC48
9.6 Gbit/s OC192
10 Gbit/s 10 Gigabit Ethernet
100 Gbit/s 100 Gigabit Ethernet

Typical Internet speeds (in 2011) are on par with mobile phone data transfer rates (0.1 to 250 kbps):

So whereas in the USA websites always work and things always stream (though some people must wait for the video buffer to fill), in Kenya the Internet often simply doesn’t work. There are sketchy companies here that overload their data pipes with more customers than it can handle, creating a dysfunctional web mess. Basic websites like GMAIL or FACEBOOK can take over 10 minutes to load, and too often they time out and fail completely. You can see a mess of whitespace on the screen (because the CSS fails to load) about a quarter of the time at some Cyber Cafes. 

Did you know: Americans download 20 GB of data per month, whereas Africans only download 0.8 GB on average. It is not for lack of interest in Internet that Africans consume only 5%, but because the bandwidth is poorly managed.

This problem seems to be most prevalent in East Africa. It wasn’t a problem for me when I lived in The Gambia, Senegal, and Ghana – where there is less overall bandwidth coming into the country, yet ISPs managed it better.

So whom should we trust in Kenya to deliver a reliable connection?

In my last post I briefly mentioned some options for home Internet. Zuku appears to be most common, but there are plenty of others:

Here are my experiences:

Real vs. local speeds: Even when a service clocks in at 8.0 mbps locally, the real transfer rate of content from Kenya to USA is 0.20 mbps, and the upload rate is 0.05 mbps. This speed is comparable to a dialup modem. Large websites (like DailyShow, YouTube, and Google) do serve their content from nearby servers, so the real rate is better.

Zuku is cheaper and many people in Kilimani, Kileleshwa, Lavington, and Ngong road use their fiber optics. People I talked to seem to like Zuku, until something breaks – then they hate Zuku because it can take months to get service. They stretch their bandwidth to the breaking point, and you’ll might share a connection with 64 users. They require a 1 year contract. After trying 3 phone numbers and a broken web contact form, I gave up trying to reach someone to inquire about becoming a customer.

SafariCom WyMAX (through Instaconnect or Iconet; RECOMMENDED) delivers an actual 2 mbps for $90 using a WyMAX (wireless antenna). You only share a line with 8 users. They don’t require a contract, but we paid $180 up front. On day one I was promised a dedicated 2 mbps line (bandwidth not shared with any strangers) for $90 a month, no contract, and only a deposit. On day two a salesman came to our home and offered me WyMAX with 8 people. The day three he called back to ask for another $90 immediately to “purchase bandwidth” instead of a deposit. They didn’t take VISA. It was cash only. Over the next 3 days they played phone tag, promising us the installation team was coming, forcing us to change our plans. Finally they did arrive on day 6 and it only took them 7 hours to install it on the roof. Even from our roof, there was a bit of phone tag involved.

After 3 hours of silence up there, I called them. “Hey, I’m just curious how it is going.”
“I am trying to find a signal.”
Two hours later, one of our apartment friends said she heard the man say they needed to go to town to buy a hammer.
Finally, as the sun was going down, they connected it. Then Heather watched them check their own mail for a half hour in our apartment as a “test” of the system.
Now I know why they kept not showing up. It took two people a whole work day to install one system. But we love the results! Faster than anywhere in town!

The results for our home were 1.97 mbps / 0.17 mbps. CNET reported download speeds of 490 kpbs at 6pm and 1.61 mbps at 12 midnight. This connection allows me to simultanously skype call, stream NPR news, check Gmail, run, and run a python program locally without any sites breaking. That’s awesome! I can even watch the Daily Show, YouTube, and without buffering!

Note: The only way to sign up seems to be a lot of phone tag, which leads to this magic, unlisted phone number: 0722-634-162 or 722-683-610. (Please correct me in the comments if you find this deal advertised anywhere online!)

SafariCom EDGE modem is great for taking your laptop on the road with Internet. They advertise 3.6 mbps for an expensive $16 a GB. Actual test speeds were 3.59 mbps at night and a crawling 0.15 mbps in the Afternoon. The problem is everyone has jumped on the EDGE/GPRS modem bandwagon too. You will share a connection with dozens of users, and you will pay more.

Kenya Data Networks (KDN) only sells to businesses. They clock in at between 1.40 mbps to 33 mbps on – depending on which deal the Cyber Cafe has purchased.

AccessKenya.Com was the cheapest option and offers a variable “high speed” connection that peaks at 1.3 mbps for $50 to $115 a month. Several people who have used them  described the daytime service as “barely usable.”

Update September 2011

Here is my diary of logging actual internet speeds around Nairobi (numbers in mbps or mbit/s):

1.97 / .41 (noon Saturday 1-22-2011 – from home)
0.518 (5:30pm Thursday 2-03-2011 – from hone)
0.081 mbps (9:30am, Saturday 2-12-2011 via SafariCom 3G EDGE modem)
0.091 AccessKenya – at Ndemi guest house at 11am.
0.212 Orange Internet Everywhere 3G+ (3pm)
0.875 Orange Internet Everywhere 3G+ (9:27pm)
0.050 Vincent Attitwa Washika – near Mumias – on modem 2-14-2011
0.001 Safaricom modem (saturday 10am, 2-19-2011)
0.020 Cafe next to iHUB – too slow for google maps (< 50 kbps) at 3pm on 2-08-2011
0.480 Hong’s Chinese Restaurant (opposite Yaya, 7:39pm 2-23-2011)
0.042 Hotel in Nyeri – 8pm on 2-24-2011 (via Orange modem) – but no dropping from network at least.
0.121 backpackers hostel Jinja – 1:17pm Sunday 2-27-2011
0.715 Home wireless 6pm Mon 3-21-2011
0.034 Kisii Orange modem
0.022 Kisumu Nakumatt town center Cyber cafe (5-5-2011) “Moscom Cyber”
0.161 Safaricom EDGE ideos (tethered to PC via USB) in Kisumu (5-5-2011)
0.410 (Orange modem @ home 11:40am 5-19-2011)

0.678 home 8-27-2011


Overall Orange modem costs: 2850 ksh = 2.5 shillings per MB.
Safaricom SME costs: 7000 ksh per month for unlimited Internet at about 700 kpbs with 90% uptime.

88 thoughts on “Kenya Internet Service Providers – who to trust?

  1. Marc,

    Thanks for the post! I’m glad your research and dedication paid off in the end. I was just wondering if you’re planning on trying any of the other EDGE modems–Orange, Zain(Airtel). Six months ago Orange was definitely the fastest, but it’d be interesting to see the speeds now after many more people have started using it. Thanks again.

  2. Melissa – I did try Orange modems and prefer it. Both in Nairobi and kampala, Orange EDGE modems provide more consistently fast internet. I have to switch to Orange when the power goes out in nairobi. 450 ksh buys 400 MB which is good for a month.

    Orange makes you use your bandwidth in 30 days, whereas safaricom gives you a 90 day period but is more expensive.

  3. i am an online marketer i use some badass softwares in my marketing such as scrapebox and AMR i know its jargon for the average surfer in kenya so i need some fast connection i compete with marketers in the US,India but the connection speeds are killing every project thanks for the review am gon test SafariCom WyMAX but the price is on the steep side but wil give it a try and see.

  4. 6 month update: I’m still on Safaricom SME and love it. Actual results may vary. This is what I’m seeing these days:

    Average bandwidth: 700 kpbs (not 2 MBIT/s)
    Downtime: Lose internet for 10-30 minutes twice a week.

  5. I have been using Zuku in Lavington for the past 6 months with the 4mbp package and speedtest always reports speeds of 3.8+ anytime. I have seen that the networks switching to US based sites is always slower whether at home or work. Try and and you will see what I mean.

  6. Ken – test your connection using (which connects to a US server) and report the speed. I’ve found that others like “” pick the closest server, in Kenya, which is not representative of true data speeds since 95% of all content comes from the West Coast of the USA or some other server 15+ hops from here.

    Elsewhere, 6 months ago, Zuku delivered 250kbs from a US server, typically speaking.

  7. Jose – go to and run this test on every other cyber cafe in Mumias or Kisumu or nearby town. Then at each one, note which service that cafe uses via (but remember that the “default” server will not be representative of the actual speeds. You MUST choose the speed to West Coast USA (home of google, amazon, youtube, facebook, etc). Then contact the best service provider on this test.

    For example, my house uses OneCommunications Ltd (Safaricom SME)
    via to west coast:
    2.0mbps (promised) | 0.40 mpbs (actual download) | 0.18 mbps (actual upload)
    via to “recommended” local server:
    2.0mpbs (promised by ISP) | 1.76 mbps (actual download) | 0.81 mbps (actual upload)

    So it doesn’t matter what you’re promised; what matters is what the user sees, and you cannot run streaming media below 400kps. I sit at the MINIMUM for streaming.

  8. I got a Orange (Telkom) ADSL line yesterday. I paid Ksh 7k for a 1mbps connection for a month and around 4k for a piece of plastic they call Livebox.
    The connection is slower than 14kbps and does not work 90% of the time.

    It is a painful experience that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

  9. So poor….
    Zuku Mumbai 0.07Mbs download and 0.03 upload
    Apr 10th, 2012 18:27

  10. I’ve been looking for a long time for a realistic assessment of the “internet” situation in Kenya. This seems by far the most realistic and comprehensive. Couple of questions, since you originally wrote this have there been any improvements? I looked up safaricom and they’re advertising 20Mbps on their network in some areas in Nairobi and most other areas they advertise 7mbps. Is this true?
    Zuku advertises 8mbps is this true as well?
    What provider in Kenya has at LEAST a true 1mbps with a decent upload speed as well.

  11. I’ve been tracking my own SafariCom SME line for nearly two years. Here is the log (units are Mbps):

    1.97 (noon Saturday 1-22-2011 – from home)
    0.518 (5:30pm Thursday 2-03-2011 – from hone)
    0.081 mbps (9:30am, Saturday 2-12-2011 via SafariCom 3G EDGE modem)
    0.091 AccessKenya – at Ndemi guest house at 11am.
    0.212 Orange Internet Everywhere 3G+ (3pm)
    0.875 Orange Internet Everywhere 3G+ (9:27pm)
    0.050 Vincent Attitwa Washika – near Mumias – on modem 2-14-2011
    0.001 Safaricom modem (saturday 10am, 2-19-2011)
    0.020 Cafe next to iHUB – too slow for google maps (< 50 kbps) at 3pm on 2-08-2011
    0.480 Hong’s Chinese Restaurant (opposite Yaya, 7:39pm 2-23-2011)
    0.042 Hotel in Nyeri – 8pm on 2-24-2011 (via Orange modem) – but no dropping from network at least.
    0.121 backpackers hostel Jinja – 1:17pm Sunday 2-27-2011
    0.715 Home wireless 6pm Mon 3-21-2011
    0.034 Kisii Orange
    0.022 Kisumu Nakumatt town center Cyber cafe (5-5-2011) “Moscom Cyber”
    0.161 Safaricom EDGE ideos (tethered to PC via USB) in Kisumu (5-5-2011)
    0.410 (Orange modem @ home 11:40am 5-19-2011)
    0.018 (Safaricom @ home 11:58 02-04-2012)
    0.052 (Safaricom @ home 12:06 02-27-2012)
    0.375 (Safaricom @ home 21:30 05-16-2012)

    Most of the time (when I don't notice a shut down, the SafariCom SME rate is between 1.3 and 1.9 Mbps – which I believe is 5 to 8 times faster than the ubiquitous ZUKU.

  12. Zuku is typically 350 kbps and Safaricom (wimax) SME is typically 1500 kbps. The difference between these is waiting for youtube to load with ZUKU and watching the Superbowl live in HD on Safaricom!

    Please note that SAFARICOM SME is NOT anything like Safaricom GSM modems – which tend to be about 50-100 kbps and suck.

  13. I think the best Wireless internet service provider not mentioned here is the
    JTL(jamii telecom limited). They are on the high side in terms of price but the internet is fast
    10,000ksh per month for 10mbmps and you dont share with other users.

  14. Is Instaconnect still around? I tried contacting them but didn’t have any luck. Do they still provide internet connectivity? If not, who are you using now? We just moved into the country and I am looking for a decent ISP to use at home.


  15. Do you happen to have contact information for them? When I search for SafaricomSME in Google, I get nothing. Should I contact Safaricom directly and just ask for SME?


  16. To Lawrence.
    As Marc said in the content section, “Note: The only way to sign up seems to be a lot of phone tag, which leads to this magic, unlisted phone number: 0722-634-162 or 722-683-610. (Please correct me in the comments if you find this deal advertised anywhere online!)” try these numbers. I called one of them at 5.30pm today (saturday) and it was answered!
    I was even offered installation.

  17. I just called those numbers and was quoted prices that were almost double what you listed for less than half the speed (over 11,000 Kes for 256 Kbps). When I called SafariCom directly, I then got a fellow who said they could provide 512 Kbs for 32,000 Kes/month(!) or 256 Kbs for around 14,000 Kes.

    What am I doing wrong? How can I get in on the 1-2 Mbps for 7000 Kes?

    I feel like I am getting the old bait and switch…

    Thanks in advance,

  18. don’t ask for dedicated bandwidth. The 11,000 KES for 256 DEDICATED was what they quoted me. But they also have a WIMAX 2mbps shared line that is capped at 8 users and in my research never had more than 3 users on board. That one should be 7,000.

    Just keep insisting it exists and ask to speak to their manager until they back off and give you the deal that exists!

    Pretty counter-intuitive / totally screwed up, eh? but safaricom is not google. They just happen to be lucky to be first on MPESA otherwise the whole company would have gone bankrupt out of incompetence before.

    Dealing with the WIMAX people is such a pain, which is probably why it is the ONLY network not overloaded with customers!

  19. I still remain unconvinced about the connection to the US from Kenya. I have pointed to other countries outside Africa and the zuku connection remains high. when i hit any US site the speed drops dramatically. are the frontline routers filtering the data coming in? must be a conspiracy 😉

  20. So in that respect your earlier statement is not true “So whereas in the USA websites always work and things always stream (though some people must wait for the video buffer to fill), in Kenya the Internet often simply doesn’t work.” The connection may not be necessarily the problem but rather the distance. Just curious to see what kinda speeds one would get in the reverse. CA (US) to Nairobi(Kenya) anyone able to test?

  21. Send me some IP addresses you are SURE actually get hosted in Nairobi and I’ll have my California friends run a tracert on each one and post it here.

  22. First time I stumble upon this blog and I like it. The data and statistics are just awesome. Keep up;-)

  23. Great. Safaricom Net is just great.The Service Delivery has adversely improved and support is magnificient

  24. Hey guys,

    I just stumbled on this website after searching for maximum download bandwidth in Kenya.

    I am honestly sick of Orange. We use their (kind – of) modem which is a D-Link wireless router with a modem inside.

    The speeds are not really bareable. I have just done my speed test on and it gave me 52KBPS. We live in Eldoret.

    I wanted to get faster internet and have read about Safaricom SME and now I have just seen which is that JTL thing (sadie Mo posted about it above) and they advertise speeds of 10 MBPS! For 10K per month

    I was wondering if this was true and could someone please test it. They also say they have speeds of 15MBPS for 15K per month and 20MBPS for 20K per month.

    They also advertise this to be a dedicated server which just seems kind of TGTBT thing to me.

    If someone has it please do these tests for me and post the results:

    And can someone please test their Safaricom SME on the above two websites as well.

    I am wondering which one to get Safaricom SME or Fabia JTL thing (Marc your mindset on this please)

    Thanks alot

    YG Man

  25. Hey this is YG man again,

    I just tested my internet on MINI and my results are here

    0.17 MBPS Download speed

    0.21 MBPS Upload speed

    and that Fabia thing is not available in Eldoret yet. But i would still like you guys to test it so when it is available in Eldoret whether or not I should consider getting it.

    If you are lost reading this post read my previous one.


    YG man

  26. Safaricom is no longer selling their SME service. My apartment is “grandfathered” in but no new customers. Seems like getting 200 kbps / 0.2 mbps in Eldoret should be feasible.

  27. Hi Marc,

    Yeah I called Safaricom with the numbers and they told me that they do not offer it anymore.

    Haha, I wish 200kbps. its actually 2kbps well although thats not what the speed test said, whenever I try and download something I get speeds maximum 15kbps (and that’s like midnight) otherwise I find myself getting speeds of 2-3 kbps on average. It’s UNBEARABLE!

    What internet are you now using? And what is the best ISP offer right now since Safaricom SME is down and the JTL Fabia thing is not in Eldoret yet.


    YG man

  28. I stumbled on this website because i’m planning on visiting Kenya for the first time in 25 years. I live in the US and grew up as the internet blew up so everything I get is fast. I hear from family members that there are alot of Internet Cafe’s out there. How does that work? I would like to find out about getting internet service to my Grandmothers house in Kochia next to Lake Victoria in the Village. is this feasible? After I leave and get something set up, would they be able to skype video chat with me in the states and whats the best company to look into and set that up. I saw someone had setup an internet cafe earlier, what are the financial costs for such ventures? I just want to be able to help out my family when i’m there and have a realistic expectation for when I get out there. let me know

  29. Otieno your best option in a rural area near Lake Victoria is a SafariCom or Orange modem for your laptop. These cost about 4000 KES per month for 2-4GB of data and give you about 250 kbps speed. Orange is faster and cheaper, but no signal in most places outside of towns.

    Signal is going to be a problem for anything – but these run on cell towers so they are the best and only option.

  30. We just moved out past Athi River and about the only option for internet seemed to be Access Kenya. We have their 256MB connection for corporates. But when I try streaming video it still stops every 2 seconds to load (am using a shield). Is that because the connection is not fast enough, or there’s another issue? We really need a connection here that allows video watching and fast connection.

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  33. Note: That CHEAR LIMITED ISP in Kenya is probably not reputable. Their marketing person didn’t even enter a valid website address! Do you want a company that cannot even post a proper comment (without broken URLs) to manage your web experience?

  34. Marc — How can I contact you directly by email. I need to arrange decent internet for a new school in Kajiado. I am in the US, but will be in Kenya in January to work on this. I need to hire a consultant (you?) to help me get this done and hopefully to avoid having a Mazunga type experience in the process.

  35. I need assistance, I prefer wireless connection 24/7 in my house for my work, can anyone advice me on what to settle for…i need a fast internet connection.

  36. hi i like your research on isp it saves ppl a lot of time when lookin for a provider…
    i would also ask you to please do research on which are the fastest cybercafes in nairobi its very hard finding really fast internet cafes most are at speeds of 250kb/s the last time i looked around been trying to look online if there are anyrecommendations and i found inaccurate info, am lookin for a cyber that offers at least 1mb/s per workstation so that i can download various content without having to pay for it dearly…

  37. I’m no longer in NAirobi. I would go to each cafe and run this: as it will tell you which ISP the cafe is using. Generally, it doesn’t matter which company anymore – just depends on how many customers are crammed into the same internet broadcasting tower. So if you feed from Kilimani’s Yaya Center tower, you are fighting with MOST of the other high bandwidth users. Expect slow rates. But if you are in Umoja, and the only one on a tower, it will be better, if you have service at all.

  38. Guys.. Good info. I need anyone who has a clue on what JTL aka Faiba are giving to people along Thika road. I need a dedicated (throughput)512mbps link… and am not sure if safaricom wimax which am using has that service around kahawa.

  39. Thanks, to you guys who have researched on internet connections so as to help us who are laymen in IT.
    One Question, which is a good connection for a 10 computer lab in rural secondary schools around Eldoret,Iten,Kapsabet and those moi University?

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  41. Guys, if in Nairobi Eastlands area, Sykimau, Kikuyu, Kiambu, Kasarani, Kahawa, githurai and Zimmerman, try using Speedsurf Internet. It is fast and reliable.

  42. Hi,
    How much is an orange modem, speed and monthly cost? For around 6 computers cyber cafe. Or wat are safaricom charges for the same? Or any other affordable alternative that has relatively good speed. You can also reply via my inbox on facebook>>>

    Joseph Ngugi

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  57. hi js moved to athi river i was previously using zuku bt am told theres no zuku here what other companies provide residential wifi

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