Mapping NGO networks in Kampala and Munami

Each non-governmental organization (NGO) works with other organizations to achieve its mission. Here are several maps from groups of NGOs working in same region. Like a social network of one’s friends, not everyone is connected to everyone else.

[Click on them to open a much larger version image.]

Kampala 60 organizations:

I had to break this map into two parts. First the 27 most interconnected organizations:

Only 7 of these connect to GlobalGiving.

Second, the 27 mid-level interconnected organizations (typically having 3 to 8 partners). Note – the red organizations are the only ones who are GlobalGiving partners. 7 additional “orphan” organizations (right column) remain unconnected to the rest. I omitted the “edges” (organizations that only connect to one of these shown) from the map to make it intelligible. All of these organizations attended our GlobalGiving workshop.

Some organizations appear on both maps, because they are needed to connect the rest, and well, nobody’s perfect.

NGO network in Munami, Nyanza province, Kenya:

Here are a dozen organizations that came to a workshop. All were invited by the Brothers Self Help Group in the map (which explains the pattern):

Most of these community-based organizations have less than 10 employees, and fewer are paid anything. Most work in one district with less than 30,000 people total. The highlighted organizations are the only ones I believe that have a regional or international presence. This map is much less interconnected than the Kampala one. But the number of organizations connected to each member attending the fundraising meeting on Feb 26th is about the same.

Kampala Youth NGOs:

Here is a zoom in on the Youth organizations in Kampala, who were invited to a meeting by Youth Aid Uganda in February, 2011:

I emailed a link to this page to as many NGOs that are listed on these maps as I could find. Hope you find this helpful. Comment below to tell me what, if anything, you learned!

Download all NGO inconnections as EXCEL FILE: Uganda Workshop Network

(Sorry about the infinite tags on this post – but I wanted to make sure NGOs could find maps of themselves when they search google)

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