Interactive NGO Community Maps in Western Kenya

Geo Map above:

In April 2011 Zip and I visited four parts of Western Kenya and trained a large number of community organizations in fundraising and storytelling (Thanks to Humphrey of WEWASAFO and the NGO Council for organizing!). As part of each training, we invite participants to map their individual NGO partners, so that I can combine them into larger community maps. Five of these maps follow.

You can open up (and download) a high resolution image by clicking on the map.


With over 100 people attending, submitting 70 maps, this required 2 images to capture the bulk of NGOs. About a dozen organization maps did not connect to any others, and were omitted.

Part 1

Part 2

Chief influencers in Kakamega include Western Water & Sanitation Forum (WEWASAFO, the organizers), Balm of Hope, KAMADEP, and UMICEF.

Funding Clusters:

Although this map obscures it, AMREF and Aphia II (USAID’s HIV funding program) work closely together in Kakamega, usually co-funding the same organizations.

iEARN, Youth Rockets Empowerment, and Co-operative Bank also seem to work as a group to support other local groups.

NACC and CACC also fund the same groups.

KAMADEP appears to be the best connected to international funding orgs, and Balm of Hope – although extremely interconnected in the community – appears to get no funding from big international NGOs. WEWASAFO too many be overlooked here, but it’s unclear because they are more likely to be connected to partners at a workshop they themselves organized.


Influence is more evenly-distributed on the Bungoma map.

Chief influencers are  VI Agro-forestry, Subila Women Group, Narikoto Women Group, Sacred Africa, Biliso Farmers, and Tunapo.

Key funders are NACC, KARI, NALEP, CDF, IPA, Aphia II


Three organizations interconnect nearly all of the organizations in Busia that attended our workshop. Given that these three are themselves scraping by to get funded, the whole county is less likely to receive adequate funding than neighboring ones, simply because they are less socially networked to people at NGO funding sources.


Munami was mapped at an earlier time, and the Brothers Self Help Group hosted / organized the meeting, so you would expect them to be connected to everybody present. What really emerges from this map is that no other Munami group has a relationship with an external funder (highlighted in orange below) besides BSHG (now called Matungu Community Development Charity). Opportunities for any of these organizations to grow is limited by their lack of connections.


About 40 organizations attended. I’m still waiting to receive the maps.

How should you use these maps?

If your organization is listed on one of these maps, you should look at who around you (in your immediate connections) is better connected than you, and seek an introduction to adjacent organizations. Don’t pursue money; pursue knowledge. Work with nearby organizations to share information. Build friendships, build trust, and you will collectively grow.

Trust is the biggest barrier to growth and stability. There is actually a large amount of money out there (and better resources, like volunteers, gifts in kind, and expertise like what GlobalGiving training provides). The problem is YOU. Organizations struggle to find places to send their proposals, and and one person finds an opportunity, he doesn’t share it with others because he thinks his chances will increase by hoarding knowledge. That’s probably not the case. The funder is going to ignore an isolated proposal from an unknown organization in a remote part of Kenya. But if a number of organizations are working with each other well and promoting a common vision for the community, funders are more likely to trust them and give them a chance.

Who wants to fund the guy who isn’t playing well with others?

And far simpler, is recognizing that getting money from people in your extended social network through personal endorsements is a more reliable long term strategy. Go to GlobalGiving’s Non-profits page to learn more and nominate yourself today.

13 thoughts on “Interactive NGO Community Maps in Western Kenya

  1. WESTERN HIV/AIDS NETWORK – NGO Network is mainly a capacity building organization to member CBOs, FBOs and Private Sectors for effective response to the prevention support and care initiative of HIV/AIDS in WESTERN PROVINCE – KENYA.

    Currently membership stands at more than 450

    Kindly include our organization in this important mapping

    Thank You Very Much for your Coorperation




  2. This map is very good for collaborative networking. The advice from Maxson is encouraging. Let us join hands and work together through sharing information. Thanks and God bless.

  3. Universal Fellowship Organizaqtion in partnership with UMICEF and Global Education Fund Africa is fundraising funds online to support most vulnerable children, girls and women in Kenya. For more information visit the link: Any assistance is most welcome. I am also looking for other partners both locally and internationally to support us support this needy cause in Kenya. Thanks goes to Maxson of Global Giving org for the capacity building process he has put in place for us for online fundraisings. Join me to restore hope in these vulnerable populations in Kenya. Thanks in advance for your timely support. God bless you.

  4. Dear Sir,
    We communicated about WESTERN HIV/AIDS NETWORK asking you to include the organization in mapping .
    This we did in May and since then you have not confirmed that the organization is now included in the mapping of NGOs in Western. Kindly communicate.
    Thank You


    You can’t “ADD” yourself to the map. Whether or not you were present, you would already appear if any of these dozens of organizations worked with you in the past. The way to add yourself in the future is to reach out to other organizations, learn about what they do, and find ways to collaborate.

  6. Hallo, i am a diploma holder -social work. And i would like to work as a volunteer with any ngo working in western kenya. I look forward to hear from you.

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