Prepare for the Rapture (and other Stories of the Week)

Some snips from various sources:

The Rapture

Other interesting community stories from Kenya:

Devil worshipping organ harvester

I heard of a story of a man who was so wealthy that nobody would imagine how he got his money. Romours spread that he was a devil worshiper but from his looks nobody could tell. He look as a strong christian, he never missed in any christian organisation. He started killing people and selling their private parts. He used this money to cheat people. But it was not long before the community knew about it. He was chased away from the church and mocked. The community stoned him to death and left him.

Pirates on the Sea

It was a wenesday in the afternoon when a cargo ship was seen in the middle of the sea. Around the ship Here was small boats full of men who had superior weapons. One of the captains of the ship got out and was thrown on the waters of the sea. All the alarms were on and navy forces were in place to catch up with the pirates. The pirates wanted 248 milions for them to release the cargo ship. The navy police forces was sent using hidden boats.

When they arrived, the found the other Captain Surrendering the money to the pirates. They cot them up and they were arrested and brought into Courts of Kenya for judgement. One Friday morning they were charged and they were imprisoned for 20 years.

A Bright Future

The World Bank Organisation proved its love and kindness to the country of kenya when if facilitated the lighting of Keveye village.This was an initiative that surprised most of the residents and was going to change the lives of the people.

By providing electricity most jobs would be facilitated to the youth and security would also be inhanced.Most of the people got electricity and to now their bright future is in curtasy of the World Bank Organisation.

Map Kibera

Development in the third world has led a major  development in the developing nations and their cities. There  was a program launched to create the maps of different parts of the cities mostly the slums that have improper  planing of buildings. A program was launched to educate the chosen few on how to create maps so as to form maps of their various regions. The project was in form of employment for the selected few thus raising the living standard of the involved a few in the project. This raised the living standard of the people that were involved int he project.

One thought on “Prepare for the Rapture (and other Stories of the Week)

  1. Devil worshiping is rampant in the world. Devilish money has made many Christians fail to develop the Godly morals. This is due to the love of money. Love God and be free from devilish money. I know if you love God, the riches He gives you is not devilish. But if you worship the devil, all riches you get is devilish. STOP looking for devilish riches.

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