Story about Sorry Books

Sorry Books

This morning I met with Ken Wafula – head of Kenya NGO Council. It turns out he joined GlobalGiving in 2002 as an Ashoka fellow.

Later that day, I was screening incoming stories that are part of the GlobalGiving Storytelling Project and coincidentally came across a story about the same man!

Looting, robbing, smuggling and steal catapulted in Kenya during the post election violence. This led to a lot of hatred among communities which seemed to be getting along very well earlire on. The communities never communicated to each other neither by body movements nor verbally. Ken Wafula, a critically thinking man indeed, decided to come up with a Sorry Book. A book that brought life to the communities once again and empowered the world. He decided that the communities would ask for forgiveness from each other through the book and whoever believed this would succeed. Today the communities are getting along well and even help each other in times of problems.

Here is his organization: Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Eldoret Kenya.


Another story I screened was written by someone with a great knack for description:


The babies born look like excavated bones that have been filled with oxygen….

The structures that they called their homes were flexible in that they could bend to any direction the wind was blowing to.

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