Kawangware Ultimate Frisbee

Heather and I recently took over helping to keep a group of youth in Kawangware Slum playing ultimate frisbee. Open Pickup in Nairobi is every Friday at 5pm in the center of this slum on Naivasha road.

Thank you SCUL!

We would like to thank State College Ultimate Frisbee for organizing a used-disc collection to support these and other Nairobi ultimate frisbee players. I am taking back 19 discs, thanks for Matt, Commissioner Mike Duffy, and others. Frisbees are not sold locally and very expensive to mail, so the best way is for somebody to bring them in their luggage.

If you would like to donate some frisbees – contact me by posting a comment on this post. Your email will be visible only to me. — Marc

Monicah (above) helps recruit local players and get them organized on the field each Friday.


We managed to involve the manager of the local soccer team (shown above).

These are the best fields in Kawangware slum, Nairobi. On the left you can see their professional soccer team huddling during practice.

I would like to organize and train a team to compete in FEAST, Kenya’s annual beach ultimate tournament hosted around Easter each year in Mombasa.

This is the only pickup option in West Nairobi. The best-attended option is in Gigiri / Parklands at the International School of Kenya, every Sunday at 4pm. Kenya Buzz has a posting on it.

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