Water: the miracle drug

Lately back pain has shocked my body awake every morning around 5am. I didn’t have any pulled muscles, and I’d been doing yoga and abdominal exercises to keep my back strong, so this pain was inexplicable. I almost took aspirin, but decided against it.

About an hour later each morning, the nearly debilitating back pain disappeared.

After 3 days of this, I realized the pain wasn’t in my muscles, but might have been underneath – in my kidneys. “And what do kidneys do?” I asked myself. They filter water. So on a hunch I guzzled a 2-liter bottle of water at 5am. Within 30 minutes, the pain was gone.

The next day it came back, so I guzzled 2-liters of water again. And the pain was gone.

That night I drank a full 2 liters of water just before bed. Instead of needing to get up and take a leak, I slept soundly all night. So it appears I was dehydrated.

Water is the miracle drug. How sad it is that we often resort to medication when a real medical problem can be washed away. Drugs always create two problems for every one they solve. I wish we and our doctors were more willing to try the obvious stuff – like drinking water, eating real food, and getting exercise – before turning back the pill bottle.

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