Storytelling the East African Drought & Famine

As the drought in the horn of Africa continues to endanger the lives of millions, I decided to search our collection of 20,000 stories for relevant ones. 360 stories mention “drought”,”famine”, or “somali”.

Who is named, and how often?

  1. Government (50)
  2. Red Cross, Red Cross Organization (43)
  3. WFP, wfp, World Food Programme (21)
  4. NAADS (7)
  5. World Vision (5)
  6. SWIM (5)
  7. Individual (13)
  8. None (135)

Drought stories of success or failure?

(These images are generated using SenseMaker(R) from

All OrgsRed Cross


WFPWorld Food ProgramOur story forms do not contain any organization names. So when a person choosese to tell a story about “World Food Program” the pattern is different from when they talk about WFP, though it is the same organization. Only difference is the person’s familiarity with the organization. Also note that WFP are recent stories about drought, whereas World Food Program maps stories that talk about incidents from 1-2 years ago.


Stories about Government drought relief events happening in last 3 months:


The government of Kenya tries by all means to do away with any element of poverty. They look for means and ways that brings in poverty but can be controlled. They have at the moment offered relief food to places where there are cases of poverty. To farmers who may fail to do the farming due to lack of farm inputs, the government has offered them at a fairable low prices to enable all farmers to purchase it. Many farmers who have been complaining of the increase price of fertilizer over the years, the government has seen into it that its lowered. To those in sparingly dry areas they have been urged to plant many trees and mostly plant drought resistance crops, ,any of such areas the government has brought in irrigation. The government again has brought in some cash via some established projects to help widows and orphans to avoid poverty.


Farmers in kenya are demanding traditional seeds to be planted instead of those being used currently.This is after the Agricultural ministry has discovered a variety of these traditional seeds and released them to farmers.Some ot these seeds include sweet potatoes,cassava,pigeon,peas,beans,cow peas sorghum finget millets and maize.This has happened in areas recieving inadequate rainfall or those expected to recieve low rainfall.the agricultural ministry will distribute these seeds in twenty one counties free of charge so as to reduce the rate of death of people through famine.This will also help people living in areas that dont recieve rainfall oftenly to have a way of getting food.The agricultural ministry also says that this will help them to reduce the amount of money the government uses to give these people food.

Drought  in our country ~ 486830

some areas in some parts of this country,water has been the problem,and we in our village.This has been a problem to many of our people in this area.but the minister of water has come up with a solution of water people are now getting water not from far places as it was no one other time but our minister is loving helped by our governement at of this country.


Drought in most parts of the country is a natural disasator to the government. It has been found that most of the people in northern part of the country are dieng because of drought which leads to inadrquate food for them. The government together with the ministry of planning should find a better solution to this problem.

turkana water project ~ 497065

Residents of turkana can now got water thus making majority of them smile water is life to many in the society thus they say this is hope for the future claiming that the project will them even start farming programs through irrigation programs thus this will help the cycle of drought

DROUGHT 21 ~ 482877

Due to drought people have ended up planting more trees to conserve the environment so to keep animals(livestock)safe and to preserve food plus vegetation.

The drought season ~ 503089

Due to the drought  season members of organization tried to help the villages toghether with putting thanks&dams.


The drought striken area decided to intiate a programme through the help of the government via planting trees and prevention of tree cutting.

Quick snapshot of themes

107 “Famine” stories: Read excel file of 107 famine stories here

330 “drought” stories: Read excel file of 330 drought stories here


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