Score Card on Delivering Feedback

On page 14 of the Real Book for Story Evaluation Methods you’ll find this set of goals. (Developed by Irene Guijt) Next to each, I’ve commented on how hard it has been for GlobalGiving’s Storytelling Project to do, and also how closer we are to accomplishing it as of August 2011.

Goals for Story-based evaluations

1. Make data digestible:

  • Generate a library of people’s lived experiences (not hard, and we’ve done this)
    • …that facilitate decision making… (really hard, not done)
    • and evidence-based policy. (hard – out of our control, so not done)
  • Generate rolling baselines to continually update evidence base (moderately hard, half-way done)
  • Visualize shifting patterns (not hard, and we’ve largely done this)
    • …of impact (hard – what’s impact?, can’t tell if we have yet)
    • …as perceived by different perspectives, (moderate, successful)
    • …including beneficiaries. (moderate, successful)
  • Ground feedback (moderately hard, needed visual tools and SMS loops)
    • …to donors… (easy – but does it get used?, half done)
    • …in a useful framework… (hard and complex, quarter done)
    • …that allows groups of beneficiaries to be heard. (moderately hard, half done)

2. Measure the actions taken:

  • Seek surprise:  allow people to recognize trends that do not conform to their own pre-existing worldviews (moderately easy to reveal unexpected info, we’re somewhat successful)
  •  Enable cross-silo and cross-organizational thinking – moving away from a narrow understanding of attribution of efforts  (medium difficulty, making progress as more organizations are at least thinking about “pluging into” a common back end story processing system)
  • Track actions taken and the specific lessons that prompted it, via a peer to peer knowledge management system (hard – unless analysis and interpretation happens on the web and thus can be tracked, not started yet)

I was thinking about this today because we are about to start texting information back to all the storytellers and scribes in communities, as well as systematically delivering sets of stories back to all the NGOs we know about. It will be interesting to see how my perception changes in 3 months.

By the way – you’ll find dozens of posts with many additions that will be incorporated into the next ‘Real Book‘ here:

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