Nanowrimo kick-off internal editor and muse figurines

As the 2011 “municipal liaison” (read: event coordinator) for National Novel Writing Month ( in Kenya, I organized a writers’ kick-off party at the iHUB ( in Nairobi.

One of our activities was for writers to sculpt their “internal editors”:

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My internal editor is the creature with bug eyes, claws for hands, and a big mouth with a red forked tongue shooting out of it.

Next we molded our muses out of clay:

My muse is a tall beautiful big breasted maiden, since the main character in my 2011 novel is a 17 male runaway who has a definite love interest.

Another one of the writers thinks of the sea as her muse.

Two other writers considered a mushroom or a blue person with a thinking cap as their muses.

Lastly, someone’s dragon-like creature as a muse.

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2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo kick-off internal editor and muse figurines

  1. its good to add experience than die poor with lots of knowledge our military have to add value and increase knowledge by practice within and around the world to stop our nieghbours turn about us thank you

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