International Aid’s failure traced to the source

Has Aid Failed?

“Has AID failed? For me the answer is yes. But only because it hasn’t failed enough.” – David Damberger (Engineers Without Borders TED Talk):

The TEDx talk is here:

Recipient Countries are sick of “aid”

“India neither needs nor wants UK aid. Such grants are outdated and patronising.” – Rahul Bedi

According to CS Lewis:  It’s not enough to stuff your note into the outstretched hat and then stroll on complacently; you also need to be reasonably sure the money will do more good than harm. When politicians say that they support development aid ‘to show what kind of a nation we are’, they are serving their own interests.

Aid isn’t really given away

70 percent of US foreign aid is spent on US goods and services. USA has the worst record for passing funds to locals in the world. Aid is a business, and it remains one of the few businesses that hasn’t moved off shore, ironically.

Case in point: Most of the Haiti Earthquake aid money ended up in the hands of foreigners and paid the salaries of non-Haitians. And half of the money never arrived at all:

GlobalGiving is an obvious exception to this. We don’t work with governments; we work with mostly local organizations.

That fund sent over a million dollars to a dozen mostly local organizations, all of whom had staff on the ground within 24 hours of the earthquake. Private aid might be smaller, but I believe it is better directed to fast-acting difference makers in the community.

And you can hear the story of these people in Haiti here:

How-matters-blog: Don’t change the message. Change the messenger.

“It’s not so much the message that is crucial, but instead, the messenger. Recent calls from  British PM David Cameron to end foreign aid to African governments who do not uphold gay rights do not acknowledge this research. Apart from the futility of such a threat, the British leader is only likely to bring up not-too-distant memories of Western imperialism and aid conditionality.

Too often, we are the messengers. And we – the source of the money and the messages – need to give it a rest and start listening. Empowerment is a misunderstood word. Giving money is not a form of empowerment – the power still rests with the donor. Only giving others your full attention and listening to them, then acting (even serving) them is empowerment. Sorry World! But we’re really bad at that.

One thought on “International Aid’s failure traced to the source

  1. i like to get hese Notice or notes becouse here people are dieing daily amost 10 within every location and NObody WANTS TO SAY THESE

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