Kibera community feedback meeting today

We’re inviting 25 NGOs from Kibera (in Nairobi, Kenya) to come learn about what the 7000 stories we collected from this slum talked about in 2011. Our ability to visualize this data is quite limited. I’ve prepared a paper report with some visualizations (see mapping post) and a list of common phrases from these stories that overlap with globalgiving projects:

Kibera phrases related to globalgiving projects worldwide:

  • drinking water
  • clean water
  • street children
  • affected areas
  • provide education
  • save lives
  • girls women
  • read write
  • orphans widows
  • disabled children
  • girl child
  • needy children
  • improving hygiene.
  • forced labor
  • free education
  • widows orphans
  • child labour
  • change lives
  • team support
  • educate needy
  • fighting poverty
  • orphans children
  • care medical
  • child mother
  • life skills
  • exercise books
  • tree nursery
  • hope life
  • middle school
  • widows &
  • helping boys
  • orphans vulnerable
  • developing countries
  • girls education
  • problems facing
  • forest conservation
  • young girls
  • nairobi kenya

The GlobalGiving project keyword list is a useful filter to see what the stories talk about that any organization might be inclined to do something about. The unfiltered list is below (top ten phrases only: # appearances):

Top Kibera Two-word Phrases without project-filtering:

going school: 91
take care: 73
go school: 64
launched program: 61
came idea: 54
helped children: 51
changed lives: 45
going school.: 40
red cross: 38
flying toilets: 35

Gephi map of all Kibera phrases:

Less-filtered Kibera map:

Kibera Villages:

Kibera is geographically dense but too diverse to be treated in one community meeting or mapping. Today we are meeting with NGOs in Ayany, Toi Market, Katwekera, Gatwekera, Karanja, Olympic. (Other biggies are Soweto and Mashimoni – they’ll have to wait for next meeting)

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