Nairobi Matatu Map (high resolution)

The authors of this Nairobi matatu (bus route) map have declined to provide the public with a high resolution (legible) version on the Internet. So I am posting one in the hopes that it will alleviate traffic, crime, and general traveler frustration.

After two years of waiting for them to do it, I believe their right to intellectual property  is superseded by the public’s right to information – i.e. the greater good. I’d be happy to take this map down after they publish a high quality version, or physical copies of this map are for sale around Nairobi.


Now available as an android app:

This app has all matatu routes in Nairobi and environs with simple query features. Tap to find the matatu (bus) stops closest to you.. Preview all matatus numbers that pass through a bus stop. You can also set an alarm to alert you when you’re close to a bus stop of choice.



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