Getting a handle on ring fingers and dating

The other day I wrote to a nice girl who insisted that all men who contact her meet these criteria:

You should message me if…

  • – You are broadly intellectually curious and have great book recommendations for me.
  • – You are not a Fox News viewer (sorry).
  • – Your ring finger is longer than your index finger.
  • – You’re up to hanging with a very strong and independent gal.

Also, if you know any of the following (without Googling):

  • – The difference between natural and common log.
  • – The difference between entropy and enthalpy.
  • – Avogadro’s number, Euler’s number, and the acceleration due to gravity in meters per second squared.

Well those criteria were no problem for me. I asked her why the thing about the ring finger? She replied:

Most men have a longer ring finger than index finger. Most women have a longer index finger. The ratio between the two fingers is set by the relative amount of male vs. female hormones you were producing while in the womb. The longer ring finger is a sign of more androgens, such as testosterone.

Overall, a longer ring finger is correlated to things such as analytic skills. In men, it’s also correlated with physical strength, endurance, more “masculine” facial features, lower rates of cardiovascular disease, and higher rates of prostate cancer. For women, a longer ring finger is associated with assertiveness, lower rates of breast cancer, autism, and being gay.

The longer index finger is correlated with greater relative verbal fluency and skills such as empathy. A longer index finger in men is associated with higher rates of cardiovascular disease, and also with being gay.

My ring finger and index fingers are the same size. I had a bone to pick, so I replied:

So pinky swear to me you take your ring finger index as a mere rule of thumb and not give me the middle finger if I insist on a handshake (in person)?

What you do with those fingers says a lot more about you than what your fingers say.

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