The money you could be saving with Obamacare


Although accurate, this infographic describes none of us. Nobody is an Average American earning the median salary with the median level of health risks qualifying for the median insurance plan offered by the typical insurance company. This also doesn’t apply if you’re not a family of four, have a pre-existing condition, live in a state that is fighting the individual mandate, or live in Massachusetts where RomneyCare has already lowered premiums for everybody.

The extreme difficulty in turning legislation spanning hundreds of pages, that treats a problem that affects everybody, and that has three dozen contributing factors into an intelligible infographic underscores why a single payer system would yield better health outcomes – we need healthcare to be about health cures and not about protecting profits. We aren’t stupid, but we live under a system that confuses us and makes us make stupid decisions about our health, regardless of its original intentions.

I want to make infographics that don’t make us stupider. This is my attempt. I admit that underneath it are many assumptions and estimates, but it is no more fuzzy than the estimates used by insurance companies to predict your health risks – the very health risks that increase when insurance companies leave us stupider. Prevention is 10 times cheaper than treatment, and health cures are 100 times cheaper than drug-maintenance. We forget this because the industry wants us to think that it can only supply drugs that treat diseases (with 4 pills a day) instead of curing them forever (i.e. H-pylori and ulcers).

Obamacare matters. We are  already paying the health profiteers one way or another through insurance premiums. They – the insurance companies – have already won. Like all truly successful parasites, they have sucked blood out of a host that ceases to acknowledge they are the cause of the problem; they are the reason our economy is on life support.

Take another look at that pay check and think how an extra $30 a day would trickle back up through the economy. Now dispel that idea, because that wealth doesn’t actually exist. 49.9 million people have chosen to do without healthcare because it simply isn’t affordable. United States spent more on health care per capita ($7,146), and more on health care as percentage of its GDP (15.2%), than any other nation in 2008.[3] United States citizens get less vacation time and fewer protections for sick leave than any other rich nation. We have already denied ourselves many of the tenants that make society function. Much of this is because infographics dumb-down complexity when they could clarify the real underlying issues. In this example, healthcare must be compared to household total pay, not against what insurance companies want us to believe is the required cost of health care.

Since 1980, parasites from somewhere have been slowly extracting wealth from the rest of us. Perhaps we haven’t been paying attention, but I believe we are stupider because we have been paying attention to people who find ways of presenting our world in ways that avoid true critical interpretations. Take wealth in the USA for example:


Yes, the rich have been getting richer. But we also have it better than most of the world. Over that same time, the few rich countries have been doing the same thing to the rest of the world. And this trend has accelerated since 2000 with globalization:


But change is coming, and wealth for most Americans will likely decline. Our US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that Globalization has already sucked away 29% of the US manufacturing jobs that existed in 2000 and will probably suck away many more in the future:



Notice how the employment outlook for health care workers has never looked better:

Isn’t the straight line growth of healthcare workers a sign that our health care costs are rising faster than they should?  That line is crippling our economy. No other country in the world pays what we pay for healthcare, and eventually this will cause us to lose more jobs to globalization if we don’t fix it.

This is about more than just the money you could be saving with Obamacare. It is about saving our economy.

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