Five signs of the apocalypse from Google trends

A picture is worth a thousand words. And gives us a great picture of what lies ahead. It is a vastly under-appreciated divination tool. Here are five signs of the apocalypse:

1. Good vs Evil

Evil is on the rise, and is expected to peak in projections.


2. Love conquers Hate

But beware the rise of Justin Beiber. He’s also big in Mongolia. Go figure.

3. Zombies are threatening Peace on Earth

Clearly, google knows something we don’t.

4. The Apocalypse and Armageddon remain a bigger problem than national debt or the fiscal cliff.

For more on why the “fiscal cliff” is worth jumping off today, so that we don’t have to face 25% unemployment in the future, read this post.

5. Zombies are overtaking wizards, dwarves, vampires, deamons, and humans.

Our time is coming to an end.



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