Making Time for Life

I’ve realized that finding a good lifestyle balance means cutting out some things and adding in new,  better activities to replace them. Here is a picture of my current lifestyle:


the ultimate lifestyle happinessIt is full of many activities. I even forgot to include my weekly yoga practice, and going on dates. But I think it could be better if I cut out some of these things, and focused on the others, leaving the core of my life in tract:

the ultimate lifestyle happiness adjustmentsMy core lifestyle doesn’t take much money – just $1200 a month. And the time bank is another form of local salary. By doing tasks for others in my community, I store up good will I can cash in for others to help me later. One interesting side effect is that all time bankers are socialists – from the gardener to the CEO, we’re all given the same amount of time in life. It is how we use it that matters. That’s a good philosophy to apply to life itself. Your time is not more valuable because you have a PhD; it is valuable because you spent it doing good.

My life has few requirements – I need a job, and I depend on Obamacare to keep my lifestyle costs down. The difference each month is about $400 with or without Obamacare, so having Obamacare means I can work less, and control my expenses. Maybe that’s why the big companies don’t like it – they’ve been able to define our workstyle and lifestyle for us until now. They’ve also been the promoters of a philosophy that some peoples’ time is worth 1000 times more than other people. But is it really? If we were all university professors, we would surely starve, and none of the garbage would be picked up, and society would fall. And I think professors have done more good than CEOs. I can’t even begin to put an estimate on how screwed up the world would be if we were all CEOs.

We have to choose to make it a good life. And mostly that means cutting out entertainment to spend more time with ourselves and our search for what matters. This Buddhist cartoon comes to mind:

buddhist way - I want happinessThis post was inspired by and dedicated to @joyandfive on twitter, who wrote:

 You’ve regrooved my way of thinking on some things. And raised the bar for my own analytical approach. Cool to get your personal and spiritual views from that post (Love and Unexpected Bounty).

I love to groove…

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