True picture of Innovation and iterative learning within GlobalGiving


Too often innovators present their novel approaches as a linear process of defining a problem and finding a solution. This poster presents innovation the way it actually happens – as a series of false assumptions, missed-targets, lessons, and cycles along a timeline. I presented this at the World Bank / InterAction / Civicus conference about Citizen Voices on Monday (3-18-2013).

Storytelling innovation timeline 2009-2013

The fine print within the squiggly timeline are all the partner organizations that GlobalGiving reached out to over the years. Green orgs were fruitful relationships and red orgs are those with whom we talked on multiple occasions without resolving to do anything. Brown org names are those in between. In preparing this poster I realized that those who helped us improve upon the idea the most were local orgs. You can follow the event on Twitter with #wblive and the ongoing conversation with #engagevoices and @feedbacklabs.

Read Part II: Simplicity beyond complexity — a design iteration map for the intuitive analysis tool I built to search through stories for trends.

More context on the storytelling project:

What is GlobalGiving Storytelling tools 2013 Storytelling Data Uses 2013

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