Threat of Obamacare already delivering results

Obamacare mandates that all states set up insurance marketplaces by October of 2013. Insurance providers will have to offer competitive packages to uninsured workers like me, a consultant who cannot get corporate-subsidized care. In turn, everyone will have to buy some kind of care or face the dreaded 16-cents-a-day “no healthcare fine.”

This tyranny amounts to $58.40 a year…


…roughly the same amount that Australia fines all citizens for not-voting in elections (which is why Australian democracy isn’t corrupt and broken and elections only last 4 weeks, but I digress).

Threatening Insurance Companies works!

I’ve already begun to feel the benefits of Obamacare. I searched in January of 2013 and found an affordable “hit-by-the-bus”  or “break glass in case of emergency” health plan with a $10,000 deductible – so high I would never actually use it by choice. It cost me $75 a month with no real care benefits, just insurance against catastrophic life-changing illness.

But I moved states and they dropped me. So in June I found another health care policy. This one costs me $122 a month with a $2,700 deductible. The most I could pay in a year in $3,200 — which is manageable if I got sick. Not free, but affordable.

Why the difference? Obamacare mandates they do this by October.

If you were wondering why Obamacare is needed, watch this video:

And look at this chart of how much household take-home pay already is lost to the healthcare monster.


More facts here and factoids here:

Americans Adjust Your Reality


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