images and memes of 2013

The year 2013 in images, memes, and charts

* now with more spiderman!

loser map of london hilarious-street-signs-8 hilarious-street-signs-5

Douglas Adams died in 2013.42-douglas-adams-amazingly-accurate-answer-to-life-the-universe-and-everything 42-life-the-universe-and-everything-by-graphjam success vs unsuccess

I lived in Portland, OR for 5 weeks so I could snowboard and work remotely…ttchopper


In Feb 2013 I spoke at the Global Counter Terrorism Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Poverty is root cause of terrorism. Immigration / joblessness in Nairobi is specifically implicated in Al Shabaab’s terrorist recruitment related to the Westgate Bombing that happened 6 months after I spoke about it.
more walls and weapons

Fighting Global Terrorism: Let empathy replace sympathy.427693_480644771977924_797761254_n

The twitter hashtag #overlyhonestmethods goes viral, revealing to the public how science is actually done. #truth!

real science methods spiderman handshake door

The War on Women Escalates

sexy vagina

hem height and assumptions about women

barbie vs human

useless superpowers

jon stewart - all over the internet tomorrow everybody can be great, because anybody can serve knowledge vs wisdom slum-population-in-urban-africa solar-energy-1360282556772.jpg.CROP.article568-large octopus hug of ship facebook global network the opposite of American exceptionalism USA teacher pay out of proportion with hours flower bookshelf retro-tape 11399_480018332046224_1381492494_n forumula for being genius

Timing is everything.ladybug-dandelion-perfect-timing Futurama Fry - Not Sure If... - YouTube obama_ninja salk capitalism with perspective JtmiBTf

Facebook meme in 2013: Support for Marriage Equality!

liberty loves blind justicelove in all shapes

a meta moment - equality equal peanuts rights

Healthcare Comes to Millions

obamacare wheelchair chains break free

White House Gov Signatures the illusion of free will
healthcare state exchanges - April 2013


October 7, 2013 - shutdown drunk octopus wants to fight
programming languages

Feedback Labs was started in 2013, and I got funding from to do a feedback experiment!

Why feedback loops threaten those in power

America finally wakes up to the trade offs of a surveillance state in 2013:

political surveillance douchebaggery

3d printing standard police Handcuff Keys

ironic politics facebook

Oops. TSA was saving nudie pics of you!


KKK radiation suits yoga poses peace corps vols
USA corporate states


science week july 4 2013
death-and-taxes-2014-us-federal-budget_51ed52e752270 the religious ecstasy of the purple drink - oatmeal countries-on-english-measurements Revised-Map-Of-Geopolitical-Anomalies stick family meme eaten

Trello becomes the de-facto program management platform for underdogs, pushing out google and microsoft.

Recommend Trello! - Trello pirate-themed-MRI-thinking-smart justin-beaker Dialect Quiz & Survey-fullsize Religiosity_in_the_world maps_offer_a_different_perspective_on_understanding_the_world_we_live_in_640_20 one nation of the entertained
spiderman handshake god

Chipoltle releases a provacative 3-minute video as an attack on processed corporate fast food

Chipotle Scarecrow and skull

The rich got richer, corporations united, and millennial generation grew skeptical of their future.
Gen-Y reality vs expectations


10 corporations sell all processed food

corporate media consolidation 1980-2010


bank consolidation


Poorest / richest metro stops in Washington, DC

dc wealth map

Arab Spring correlates with local food prices


Eike Batista- How Brazil's Richest Man Lost $34.5 Billion - Businessweek

web designers

Capitalism cannot abide by a limit”: Click image to start video

RSA Animate - Crises of capitalism - cannot abide a limit 5414 1378585_10151728916313977_387052719_n

Clever graphic novel explains how a trashy urban environment makes your more susceptible to drugsRat Park drug experiment cartoon – Stuart McMillen comics

I wrote a novel in 2013


enhanced-buzz-4022-1383088140-1 1381783_10151935893508351_660374160_n

Toys come to life: Parents provide kid with most imaginative november ever!
Parents-Bring-Toy-Dinosaurs-To-Life-For-Dinovember-2 Parents-Bring-Toy-Dinosaurs-To-Life-For-Dinovember-10 dinovember-3 dinovember-Nov-29 dinovember-12 dinovember-nov-7 jesus_1526085_767494439946629_1565415729_n

And I met a girl…

marc christy sea world




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