Five Holy Books in five images

Since it is Holy Week, here are some rather intriguing visuals of the Quran and three competing perspectives on Jesus (The Canonical Gospels, Paul’s attributions, and The (non-canonical) Gospel of Thomas):

The whole Holy Quran as a wordle

whole quran wordle

The Gospel of Thomas
gospel thomas wordle

The Gospel of John

gospel john wordle

All sayings attributed to Jesus in Paul’s Letters

pauls letters - all sayings attributed to jesus - wordle

The Gospel of Mark gospel mark wordle

A while back I wrote a simple python script that would perform differential wordles (like I used in these two rape-prevention programs) but I lost it. If I rewrite it, you would be able to see an adjusted view of what these different stories emphasize about God, Allah, Jesus, etc.


Or you can read my series on how the Passion Narrative relates to international development:

One: Empire – and the hierarchy of aid power

2 thoughts on “Five Holy Books in five images

  1. The wordle is a mathematical representation. If it appears in the wordle, it appeared often in the translation of the Quran I used. It is not subjective.

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