Images and memes of 2014

December-January 2014 Fast for Families starts a group hunger strike for immigration reform in front of the US Capital Building.

obama_fast_for_families dog-shark-octopus

The Sochi Olympics happenedsochi-toilet-rules angry mop

Kids get to buy pink Ouija boards pink ouija board

Human rights campaign becomes the meme of the year, as marriage equality wins over homophobia.marriage equality emergence australian earthworms

Looking for synonyms for… tuberculosis?

synonyms for autocomplete search

I started a second blog, to help others hear from ebola survivors in West Africa over the media noise.


Meanwhile, filmmakers in Nigeria release the worse ebola movie imaginable, and spread fear and misinformation while trying to make a buck.


In September 2014, America suddenly freaks out about Ebola. (Twitter activity below)

ebola hashtag map USA oct 4 2014

… and indicts all of Africa.


Africa is huge.


The media does its customary sloppy job of reporting and applauds itself for saying anything about Africa at all. Newspapers continue to count revenue as the only measure of “good journalism.”

we only care about white people with ebola

NGOs step up when the WHO fails. More than Me in Liberia gives people in West Point Slum, Monrovia hope and respect.


I write a book about ebola, from the local perspective.

pearlina-color-title-5 ebola-baby-4 ebola_liberia_2014_08_17

Violent extremism rises in Iraq in Syria as ISIS / ISIL becomes a country. And a girl in Pakistan gets the Nobel peace prize for fighting extremism by getting more girls into school

Electric cars finally get respect. Tesla motors gives away hundreds of its patents in order to grow the market of competitors (thereby making e-cars cooler than e-cigarettes)

What it s like to own a Tesla Model S   A cartoonist s review of his magical space car   The Oatmeal

E-cigs arrive, giving a whole new generation the chance to build their own personal brand of douchebaggery.

e-cig-douchebag e-cig-ad-douchebag

Yeah, sure. Let’s start smoking again.

In 2014 millions finally get healthcare because of Obamacare. And a few states successfully deny their citizens access to healthcare (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Virginia, and Colorado see no gains despite millions of uninsured, while most of New England sees no change because everyone is already insured.)


But 1 in 5 in the South and most of Red State America remains uninsured in 2015.


While wealth inequality remains, some prosperity comes to the Midwest and Northeast but is denied to the South

USA doing better vs worse map

The Reverend William Barber starts his Moral Mondays movement.barber01

No long after, in another part of America, Black Lives Matter becomes the mantra.

BlackLivesMatter BLM_Photo_Collage unintended-murder-but-not-a-mistake


Google image search for “iconic image” in 2014 reveals this mix:iconic images

The Internet is almost 20 years old now, and one browser remains timeless.internet-explorer-sucks

Serial becomes a podcast phenomenon.

SERIAL_Podcast-board snl-parodies-the-popular-podcast

Memes propagate.

fabulous-llama-movie baboon-baby-zoo-butt-spank
My family prepares for its first child.

Pregnant Love

Happy 2015!

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