Godel Escher Bach: Tessera ex Machina

Nick (author) is one of the guys I work with at GlobalGiving. You can see why it is so much fun. This what he does (and blogs about) on his DAY OFF. Imagine what he does when he’s on.

GlobalGiving is full of creative people dedicating to making the world a better place. Seriously. And I’m not just talking about the staff.


Godel, Escher, Blog

My self imposed quota on this project is a minimum of one post per week: 12:00am sunday through 11:59pm on saturday. So far I’ve made every deadline, but I’ve been creeping closer and closer to midnight on saturday as I write these (it is currently 9:58pm). This week, I started to worry a bit that I wouldn’t make the cutoff, as saturday morning had arrived and I still hadn’t planned out what I’d write. Furthermore, it was my birthday, and Lauren had just passed her medical boards. To celebrate, we had plans to go to Rose’s Luxury, our favorite restaurant in the District, which doesn’t take reservations. As such, eating there requires a multiple hour-long investment in line-waiting that wouldn’t leave much time to blog about frivolities like podcasts and slinky bracelets.

The literary term for what happened next is Deus ex Machina, literally, “God from the…

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