Learning from the past in Social Justice

I’m working with All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Washington, DC to convert decades of old recordings from the civil rights movement into Internet Archives. The first batch of speeches are ready, focusing on how the legacy of Jim Reeb has influenced each decade’s struggle for justice.

Summary of the collection

  1. On the end of solidarity against racism and rise of polarized black vs moral majority 1982-08-01 by James Farmer
  2. Values we live by 1982-03-21 – David Eaton
  3. The apocalypse and the end of all things – 1982-03-07 – David Eaton
  4. When one makes a difference – 1985-03-24 – David Eaton
  5. Racism is alive and well – David Eaton – 1985-11-10 (sermon)
  6. The Quest for Justice 1990-10-14 David Eaton
  7. Riots of 1968 in Washington DC in retrospect – 1988-04-10 -Duncan Hourlett
  8. Remembering Jim Reeb – Man of Courage & compassion 1988-11-13 by Doncan Howlett & David Eaton
  9. Martin Luther King Legacy Under Fire – David Eaton – 1991-01-19
  10. Human Rights Sunday – 1981-01-25 – David Eaton

I’ll post another 10 sermons/speeches each month. This collection is available at Archive.org here, where it will last much longer than the cassettes on which it used to be stored.

Update: 68 more sermons from 2004 to 2013

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