Computer Curious: Stories and Lessons from the dawn of the digital age in Africa

Computer Curious retells my 2003-2004 adventures of exotic discomfort on the open road (in Gambia, Senegal, Ghana), ill-conceived conceits to bring Internet to remote villages, launching rocket yams in the name of science, wandering through a refugee camp as a letter courier, hobnobbing with power mongers of the digital era in African capitols, and – more generally – the journey to understand how education fosters creativity.

This is the story of how and why computers enable creativity, especially in the context of what passed for education for most teenagers in West Africa in the 2000s. We all have an in-born desire to create, and computers and the Internet have become the creative outlet that many were missing.

kindle_logoAmazon Link:

It only took me 12 years to finish editing it. Phew!

My book was available for free on Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

The top selling Amazon book (on this day in the same category) also sounds pretty cool:

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