2017 in images, memes, and gratitudes

Macro-trends: We’re still finding other Earth-like planets.

And the rapid growth of powerful AI combined with NASA data makes finding Earth-sized ones more likely.

In 2017 podcasts became more common. People spend more time listening to them than reading blogs. I started a podcast too.

 My podcast: Living Prophets – succinct sermons from liberal religion


Our nation is divided.

Generic civil war memorials were erected in the early 1900s in cities in both the North and the South. Sometimes the identical statues, pushed by a post-war profiteer company. But the fruit of these seeds remain a bramble in our garden.

The Republican tax plan had threatened to make being a graduate student impossible, without more university subsidies. This, luckily, didn’t make it into the final bill. The final bill did not simplify the tax code. It made it more complicated, and the benefits go to those who can afford an accountant to decipher the code.

Rape culture rises as a nation recoils.

   One in three women are victims of sexual assault.But the womens march raised our consciousness

And the March for Science followed in April 2017 in Washington, DC

And the Moral March – February 2017 in Raleigh NC – Reverend William Barber leading it

With ever more examples that racism doesn’t need to be deliberate. It can be the unanticipated effect of seemingly harmless actions repeated often enough. See a demo.

Trump’s white house showcases his true self.

… in contrast to the stabler, more gender-inclusive leadership of the previous White House administration.

Science and technology

I finally feel like I’m getting caught up on my career, and at work.

If programming languages were tools…

Map-reduce and other big data / machine learning tricks become mainstream. Map-reduce is best illustrated below, analogous to making a sandwich from raw data ingredients.

The larger tech-innovation picture for 2017-2018.

I published several more of my backlog of manuscripts in 2017, including Computer Curious and Storytelling for change!


Love, life, and gratitude

I’ll post my 50 gratitudes from 2017 in a follow-up post.

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