The one career where degrees don’t matter

I have a Neuoscience PhD, and I’m a Full Stack Developer, Data Scientist, Manager at work. I’m atypical of people doing my work worldwide, as StackOverFlow’s 2019 survey shows. Just shy of 90,000 people from over 150 countries contributed to this sample.

While education is a great thing to have, many professionals are earning $100k or $150k without any college degrees. And it’s not just men anymore. While this field is heavily (like 90%) male dominated still, some jobs have a bit more female representation:

Data scientists typically earn $120k in the US, and many more of them are women than other tech jobs in 2019.

This is another nice snapshot of the tech world – as a map of common languages and frameworks people use together:

I thought all of that was interesting. The full report is here:

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