Andy Slavitt’s public #Covid19 response journal (March 14 through May 26, 2020)

Andy Slavitt ran Obamacare under president Obama. He understands the complexity of the US healthcare system. In early 2020 Andy began talking to governors and experts everywhere to prepare a coordinated response to the virus. Each night he would post a summary of these conversations on twitter. This, for me, was the best source of truth about what was happening. So I’m saving it here. I think it will be useful to look back at these threads later, and see what happened, and why, and how we could have done more, earlier, to improve outcomes for everyone.

Each of these tweets is a full thread (usually 20-30 messages) about the status of #covid19 on that day, and how the nation is responding to the threat.

March 2020

April 2020


May 2020

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