First 3 months of Images and Memes from Ukraine Russia War

Let’s not forget that Putin chose to wait until just after the Olympics to invade, because Russia winning medals in figure skating was a national priority.

Week 1: Feb 25

Huge Rally in Georgia against Russian Invasion

Feb 28, 2022

Even Syrians are supporting Ukraine against Russia amid the rubble of a prior Russia-backed War
Near Universal condemnation of Russia in UN on March 2, 2022. The 5 supporting countries are Russia’s few remaining military allies or dependents. 34 abstaining countries used to be Russian allies.
Karkiv one week after Russia invades

March 7th, 2022: It’s clear that Russia is losing, so they launch a new propaganda blitz with the “Z” thing, which might mean “West.” It has a certain Nazi-copycat quality to it.

Grandmother protests: “Solders lay down you arms and be a real hero.”
March 14, 2022: Russia has no laws protecting free speech. But this Moscow protestor’s self-censored sign matches the letters in “NO WAR”.
March 17, 2022: Zelenskyy addresses US Congress to plea for more direct involvement against Russia.
My personal favorite: Ukraine colors on the plant that refuses to give up growing in the gutter where it’s seed should have died.
FOX NEWS host Tucker Carlson parrots Russian talking points and is himself parroted on Russian state television as evidence that their cause is supported by Americans.
April 28, 2022: Elon Musk buys twitter for $44 billion and posts a silly graphic about how the left has become the “far left” in recent years, ignoring the rise of authoritarianism in the world.
March 15, 2022: Ukrainian artist Dariya Marchenko uses 5,000 bullet casings in a mosaic of “Putin’s Legacy”
Polish street mural depicts Ukraine’s defeat of Russia’s flag ship in the Black Sea.

May 1st: Three months into the war, Ukraine is continuing to hold back the full force attack of Russia.
Other art from people who hope for peaceful reconciliation to end the conflict.

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