The Storytelling Method developed by GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving has a network of thousands of organizations. We reach out to them and ask each one to recruit a dozen young people in a town where they work. They meet with these people, train them on being good listeners, give them sheets of paper, and send them forth to interview people in the community. Each scribe (young person) interviews 10-20 people in a month, 2 stories each with an overall target of 200 stories (10 people X 10 interviewees X 2 stories each). At the end of the month these papers are collected, photographed by smart phone, and emailed to a central site that transcribes them. Every story appears online.
Scribes ask storytellers to talk about one time when a person or organization tried to help someone or do something in the community, and what happened? 
The samples are not random and not representative, but over time we learn which scribes do a better job and retain them, and retrain others. And the 200 stories per organization twice a year add up to tens of thousands of stories in a shared pool of knowledge that would otherwise have not existed. We then use computation to parse these stories into digestible groups relevant to each organization, and plan to set up a regular digest of these stories for each organization.
Below you’ll find links to tools and tutorials on how to use them. Many of these tools live on
Lastly, there is one additional rule that makes benchmarking possible. No more than 50% of the stories can be about any one organization (especially the organization that is collecting the stories). That’s why we ask each person for 2 stories; one can be about the organization but the other must be about anyone else, even an individual that changed the community.

Where to start

Developing the Storytelling Method

Algorithm to Analyze the Aid Lexicon

Story Analysis Algorithms

Community Network Maps

Agile, Iterative Design, and Lean Startup

Other related coolness

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